School Play Ground

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice and destination for quality teaching and learning. To instill excellence and responsibility in our pupils/students; making them a source of pride to themselves, their parents and the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help motivate and encourage pupils/students towards the achievement of excellence in their academic pursuit. We help build their work ethics, inculcate good moral and sense of responsibility in meeting the dynamics and challenges of everyday life.

Our Core Values

  • LOVE

Our Motto

Perseverance conquer

Our Playground

At Tantua Group of Schools, We seeks to inspire active healthy living in our students. We teach them the importance of a healthy mind and body and encourage them to develop and commit to sports and physical activities. All students are able to access and enjoy great sporting facilities and activities.

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We believe in quality and effective teaching and learning, which form the bedrock of any meaningful development, with this in mind, Tantua Group of Schools has continued to grow from strength to strength through varied reforms; - analysis/ grading of pupils/student performance indicators, training of staffs, the provision of laboratories, research centres and cutting edge ICT facilities, in meeting the contemporary needs of our technological world.

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